"Serial killers are lame. Everyone knows that mass murderers are the cool kids."

I'm just another true crime enthusiast, but I'm especially interested in serial killers and mass murderers. I can't wait to see all these people in hell.*

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”I’m the most cold-hearted son of a bitch you’ll ever meet” - Theodore Robert Cowell

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Books about Jeffrey Dahmer.



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Like the Sandy Hook Elementary School shooting, most of the victims in the Bath School Disaster of 1927 were children. 38 schoolchildren, aged 7-14, were killed when a series of bombs went off in Bath Township, Michigan on May 18, 1927. The bombs also killed two teachers, four adults and another 58 people were wounded. The bomber, a school board member, was also killed during the deadliest school massacre in U.S. history.



It really bothers me how so many people assume this photo is of Adam Lanza as a baby when it really isn’t.

"Cops did not identify the child pictured in camouflage, draped in ammo, with a handgun near his mouth and a grenade in his lap, but a lawyer for the gunman’s father told The Post the photo was not of Adam" (New York Post).

Nope, it’s not Adam, you’re right. This baby would have bright blue eyes, and it does not.



(pictured left) Robert Berdella

American serial killer Robert Berdella kept detailed torture logs and Polaroid photos of his victims.  As part of his experiments on his victims, he would apply bleach to their eyes, inject their vocal cords with drain cleaner and administer antibiotics to keep them alive for longer.  

When disposing of the bodies, Berdella would drain the blood, dismember them, and leave the parts in trash bags to be picked up by garbagemen.


The Wanted posted of Alfred Packer, who killed and ate five members of his prospecting party when they became stranded on the Rocky Mountains during winter.

Isn’t this just survival?


Edward Theodore Gein 


James Gordon Wolcottage 15, brutally murdered his parents and sister in Georgetown, TX in 1967, but was found not guilty by reason of insanity. He is now a doctor of psychology and tenured professor at Millikin University in Illinois.

Terrifying and fascinating


Manson family member Susan Atkins with her lawyer, Richard Caballero, in the courtroom during arraignment in Santa Monica Court.


Susan Vaughan Smith of Union, S.C. was convicted on July 22, 1995, and sentenced to life in prison for murdering her two sons, Michael Daniel Smith, 3, and 14-month-old Alexander Tyler Smith. (x)


Serial killer Dennis Rader was a boy scout leader from 1980’s until the early 1990’s. During this time he was still active as the ‘BTK’ Killer, which stood for Bind Torture Kill due to his method of murdering his victims. 


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Prosecutor: What did you touch her on the breast for with a pair of pliers?

Lawrence Bittaker: To shock her with the cold metal

Lawrence Bittaker was an american serial killer who earned the name ‘pliers’ because of how he would use this implement in his crimes. He would frequently strangle his victims by tightening a hanger around their neck by using vice-grip pliers.