"Serial killers are lame. Everyone knows that mass murderers are the cool kids."

I'm just another true crime enthusiast, but I'm especially interested in serial killers and mass murderers. I can't wait to see all these people in hell.*

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Adam Lanza was known to have a very dry sense of humor. Every once in a while, on Shocked Beyond Belief, under his username Smiggles, he would make a joke.

Here are some of Smiggles’s funny/joking posts:

"The absence of Modern Talking offends my sensibilities. No girl could resist their luscious hair and cheerful good-looks.

"What has Madonna done to our youth?"

"You might not have centipedes in your house, but I’m sure you have more types of spiders, snakes, and giant ants than I can count, box jellyfish lurking somewhere in the refrigerator, and wombats roaming the halls."

"Guns? I’ve got all the guns I need.
*Flexes 9” biceps*”

"Oh, dear… Is it wrong that I want to go to a hoedown now?"

"Yes. I don’t quote people when I post directly after them, because eye-contact upsets me. :("

"Fine. I’ll just keep my collection of Barbie Girl covers to myself."

"(long response making fun of another’s post)"

"Eric shaved his hair because he was tired of women lustfully tearing it out while he was making love to them, and Dylan had long hair so that his fringe could shield him from the sorrows of the world."


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    He made a joke about Eric and Dylan…
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    Just because it makes no rational sense, doesn’t mean that he wasn’t serious with it. Adam had a lot of odd fears and...
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    loling at h4le-bopp because he took it seriously. What a goofball.
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    It’s true that Adam lanza had trouble interacting with others and eye contact most likely really did upset him, but...
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